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What Is Cenosillicaphobia?

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Empty Mug

FACT OF THE DAY: Cenosillicaphobia is a real thing and it affects many people. What is it exactly? It is the fear of an empty beer glass.

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When Is Beer Not Alcohol?

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Close up of Russian beer bottle tops

FACT OF THE DAY: When is beer not considered alcohol? When you live in Russia, and it’s before 2013. It wasn’t until the year 2013 that Russia officially classified beer as an alcoholic drink.

Before 2013, any beverage that contained less than 10% alcohol was not considered an ‘alcoholic drink’ in the former Soviet Union country. For many, it was simply regarded as a soft drink or just food stuff.


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Say Goodbye to Foam

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Beer Foam

You are thirsty. You just poured yourself a cold beer or a cold soda (or pop, depending on where you are from). You can’t wait to take a sip. But you have to wait. Why? Because of those dreaded enemies, foam and fizz. They will take their sweet time, ignoring any and all pleas, purposefully delaying your pleasure.

Think you have wait for them? ┬áThink again. Put your finger in it. That’s right, put your finger in the foam and fizz and watch it disappear at a quicker speed.

But why does that happen? Science, my friend. Foam and fizz are nothing but gas bubbles that are rising above the liquid beverage. The oil from your finger literally bursts the bubble of… well, the bubble (sorry, I had to do it).

And there you have it.


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