What Killed Bananas During the 1950’s?

Funny Bananas

FACT OF THE DAY: ┬áDuring the 1950’s, the banana industry died thanks to the Panama Disease. The disease was a fungal infection that killed the roots of the banana plants. The damage was so severe that it killed the biggest cultivar (or species) of banana called the Gros Michel.

Gros Michel was the world’s biggest exporter of bananas until 1965, when it officially went under. The disease started in Panama but expanded to most of the world’s plantations. Soon enough, there was no choice left but to burn down all plantations and start over.

Welcome in the Cavendish brand/breed of bananas. The Cavendish was cultivated in a way that it would be immune to the Panama Disease. The new bananas had a different taste and slightly different look than its predecessor, but they quickly became accepted worldwide.


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